Welcome, you have just discovered the home of the WebClass Project. Our goal to bring you quick and easy to use class' for your web development. The languages that are planed currently include PHP and JavaScript following CSS standards while at the same time supporting old out of data browsers.

I hope to have a nicer page up for you soon. Please check back in a week or so and we should be up and running.


PHP5: databaseConnect (Download)
     If you want an easy way to manage databases in your application this is your solution. This simple to use class can be added to your project managing your database so that the only thing you have to worry about is the sql you want to run.

     Do you have a database in your site? Do you know if your going to be switching it to another database or adding a second to handle the load of users you have? Then you need this class.


  • Multi database selection
  • Multiple ways to select the a database from your list.

Current database support:

  • ODBC

Planned database support:

  • Oracle 8i/9i
  • PostgreSQL

How to use:
To make an object of this class use
     $var = new databaseConnection("database_type://username:password@dns/database;",mode);
database_type can currently be one of the following:
mode can be one of the following:
     0 Runs through connections in order of how there put.(default)
     1 Tries the first one and if that fails it randomly tries the others
     2 Randomly picks a connection to try
To query database
     $value = $var->quary("sql code here");

PHP5: mysqlConnect (Download)
       mysqlConnect is a database connection manager for the MySQL database. This is for if you know your going to use and stay with MySQL. Use databaseConnect when ever your able as this one is no longer under development though its in working order.

How to use:
To make an object of this class use
     $var = new mysqlConnection(dns,username,password,database);
To query database
     $value = $var->quary("sql code here");

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